It is the last day of August and that means I have 5 days left till I leave home. Packing is a dick. Home doesn’t even look like home anymore. Half the dining table is taken over by vacuum packs and the floor is a life-size-cotton-candy-looking pile of winter sweaters. I’m not going to lie … Continue reading Last

Running Into The Dark

Wow wee, each time I come back on here I realise that the number of days between each post keep increasing, and I chide myself for bad documenting but there’s nothing else that really pushes me other than the empty spaces of life that deserve to be recorded. It’s strange when you think of situations … Continue reading Running Into The Dark

What Are The Odds

August is getting so ‘augusty’. I’ve had really good weekends this month and I’m going to have another great one to look forward to in the coming week and that makes me smile lots thinking about that. Today was long and quick in a good way, I was with people I liked being around and … Continue reading What Are The Odds


I’ve been busying myself with errands lately and that makes me lots more satisfied than having a proper schedule. Today it’s going to be another of those days again. I’m starting to recognise a pattern, that all this hooha in my life is just simply archived here but I don’t reflect upon anything. That stings … Continue reading Believers


Since I was a young child I’ve dreamed of being a kind of creative producer. A writer, a photographer, a designer, a painter, a musician, a singer, a something that filled me with so much love and passion for that my body wouldn’t even be able to contain. They would ooze out as works of … Continue reading Creatives


I have a work-free week ahead of me and I’m not sure how I feel about that but I spent the bulk of the day out of the house because I can probably foresee myself sticking around at home till I have to leave for my appointment on Friday. I did my eyes differently today … Continue reading Steps