Camden Lock/London

On Saturday our train pulled into London Victoria by mid morning. I felt an instantaneous blow of “Londonness” the moment we stepped off the train, I could feel the buzz and rush just walking through the ticket gantry. We headed for the tube; us girls went off to Gloucester for Belle to drop her belongings and … Continue reading Camden Lock/London


This morning’s seminar was cancelled while I was walking to it so when I came back I vacuumed my room and now I’m sat here thinking about coming up with a massive update but I might end it abruptly anyway. I had my first assessed group presentation yesterday and I think we did fairly well. … Continue reading Streets


These updates wouldn’t be right if I didn’t do a post solely dedicated to food. Am I right or am I right. This is a mish mash of things that have gone into my mouth, in no order of sorts. A veggie box at Borough Market. Was so bummed we didn’t finish the whole market.  … Continue reading Munch


I uploaded some photos from my Canon this afternoon and found some snaps we took while in Bath. It was unfortunate we didn’t leave time to explore the quaint, quiet town. I reckon this is somewhere near Hannah’s hometown, and it was one of the only places that had me in awe. It was old, … Continue reading Bath


It’s been another long while. We’ve crept halfway through October and that makes it slightly over a month in a new country. I’ve gotten used to a new currency in my wallet, the dirty streets and the infamous English weather. When I say I’ve gotten used to the weather, that is in no way synonymous … Continue reading xxx

Three Days

The airbnb place on Over Street turned out to be lots smaller than I thought it would be. Our toilet is tiny and everytime I wash my face the sink is so narrow I feel like I’m kissing the wall. Everything is adapting; my face is drying out, I’m moisturizing twice a day, I’m wearing … Continue reading Three Days

Being uncomfortably sore about leaving tonight, sitting on the wooden floor of my bedroom repeating “I don’t want to leave”. Cried for so long last night my eyes still hurt and 3 episodes of Suits didn’t even make it better  Continue reading