Is it gay-st, or geh-st? I can’t figure.

Watermelon quinoa salad – $14.00 

What I do know for sure, is that I had a really good lunch with Andrea and this had to be logged. I ran out of the office (first day of the final week!) the second my lunch alarm rang. The light drizzle didn’t dampen my mood, I made a quick dash to the post office and back to McCallum Street. I stood by the glass window staring at the jars of homemade granola and muesli. I watched the staff work, one made sandwiches another peeled potatoes the third one grabbed ribs out of the grill and the barista seeped cup after cup of coffee. I already knew this meal was going to be good.

I didn’t plan for this review, but I trust my instincts when it tells me a place is good, and I couldn’t not share a gem like this. I don’t frequent cafes often enough, but this Nordic place is definitely worth the trip into the CBD even after my last week here is over. Exemplary standards, my kind of OCD-satisfying thing.

We must take photos of our food
 So that it will look like this for social media
Always Insta-catching each other. We ordered twin salads-of-the-day, both omitting the feta. I can’t deny the classic watermelon and feta combination, but neither can I work round my dairy sensitivities and mild hate for cheese. Took a number and sat down outside. Classic cafe thingamajig. 
Staff was friendly and service was quick. One thumb up already. The rainbow that came on our plates made the moody weather pale in comparison. The watermelon was sweet, bright and crisp, the quinoa cooked to perfection, pumpkin seeds well roasted and the crunchy vinaigrette-dressed watercress had a subtle sharp tang that complemented everything really well. I have no comments about the onions because, onions and I – we have rough patches sometimes. The whole plate was lightly dusted with salt and pepper. Simply, it was perfection on a plate. There, double score in no time.
Good enough to bust some Monday moodies I tell you.
Halfway through lunch we saw 3 green-headed ladies walk past and I thought that was very, interesting.
Ok, pass. A quick interruption to also be ever-thankful for said friend above for picking up the tab AGAIN (!!!) I really do owe you.
I have always been a fruit-in-my-salad kind of person. But this, brought that up, up, up to a whole new level. I’m still thinking about it, and already have plans to feebly recreate this at home. They schedule different soups and salads for each day of the week, and their breakfast menu looks good enough to drop by before work. I’m excited already.
Even if you aren’t in the area, get yourself to Gaest. These guys deliver, by Adeline standards, and I don’t think it will disappoint.
Mon – Fri: 7:30 a.m – 9.30 p.m
Weekends: 8.30 a.m – 3.30 p.m
  • 21 McCallum St. #01-01, The Clift
  • Singapore 069047