I have been doing nothing to help myself, yet at the same time there is no direction for me to trudge towards. Even so, in a parallel universe, it’s not an easy gauge. There is too much swirling. When something bad happens, I can no longer muster any ounce of urgency to instinctively find solutions. … Continue reading Bleach

Soul Meets Body

Another wet morning over the Jubilee weekend. I began my long break yesterday with some chill buds over coffee and shakes at Tolido’s while the rain poured outside, dampening our plans to shoot. Nonetheless conversation flowed as easily as we sipped the drinks down our throats. I love it when friends bring friends, and everyone … Continue reading Soul Meets Body


I have a confession.  I don’t even know where to begin.  If anyone had asked me about first loves, this would have had to be it.  I was never struck before this, but it was so sudden and so sweet, it stole my heart away complete. I go soft in the knees. My legs refuse … Continue reading Bashodo


Many nights of heart-wrenching anxiety and panic attacks later, I’m done with my foundation year. The crippling feeling of doubt and groundless worry that constantly crept its way into many dark winter nights. My first year abroad was a synthesis of happiness, growth and depression at all extremes. It was a maddening time, for many … Continue reading Lowlights